2007, SEPTEMBER 20 - 22


The National Institute for Research and Development of Isotopic and Molecular Technologies (INCDTIM) of Cluj-Napoca, Romania, jointly with The Faculty of Physics of the Babes-Bolyai University (UBB) of Cluj-Napoca, under the aegis of the National Authority for Scientific Research of Romania, organize the fifth edition of the Conference on Isotopic and Molecular Processes PIM-2007.

The Conference will be held in 2007, September 20 - 22, at the Napoca Hotel, in Cluj-Napoca.

The local organizing committee will be happy to meet you in Cluj, for scientific exchanges in the domains of isotopic separation, stable isotope applications, isotopic and molecular spectroscopy, multi functional nanostructured systems, molecular and biomolecular physics.

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The participants at PIM-2007 Conference have the opportunity to get accommodation at Napoca Hotel. We appreciate that it will be a great advantage to have all the facilities at the same location: accommodation, conference site, dinner.

Napoca Hotel is a two stars one, with very convenient prices:

  • single room, breakfast included - 95 lei
  • double room, breakfast included - 150 lei

1 Euro = 3.3 lei approximately.

All the rooms have bathroom with shower, TV set, telephone. The hotel has a guarded parking lot. During the conference, wireless Internet access will be available.

If you are interested in booking a room at Napoca Hotel, please download the "Accommodation" form, fulfill it, and send it, by fax (+40-264-585627) or by e-mail (hotelnapoca@cluj.astral.ro), to the hotel until August 31.

If you consider, two stars are not enough, you may look for more fancy accommodation facilities here.

First important deadline:

Registration and abstract submission should be done
before the fist of May 2007

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Secretariat PIM
Ro-400293 Donath str., no. 65-103, P.O.Box 700, Cluj-Napoca, ROMANIA.
Telephone: +40 264 584037, fax: +40 264 420042,
e-mail: pim@oc1.itim-cj.ro.
Contact person: Dr. Adrian Pamula.

Local organizing committee

Dr. Mircea Bogdan - INCDTIM
Dr. Engn. Viorel Cosma - INCDTIM
Dr. Adrian Pamula - INCDTIM
Dr. Diana Bogdan - INCDTIM
Dr. Cornel Cuna - INCDTIM
Dr. Ioan Bratu - INCDTIM
Dr. Giurgiu Liviu - INCDTIM
Dr. Ioan Turcu - INCDTIM
Dr. Damian Axente - INCDTIM
Dr. Rodica Paula Turcu - INCDTIM
Dr. Ioan Ovidiu Pana - INCDTIM
Prof. Dr. Simion Simon - UBB

Previous PIMs

PIM '99; PIM '01; PIM '03; PIM '05

Invited speakers:

Ana-Voica Bojar
Stable Isotope Laboratory, Karl-Franzens University, Graz, Austria
Detlef Brinkmann
Physik-Institut, University of Zürich, Switzerland
Mino Caira
Department of Chemistry, University of Cape Town, South Africa
Gion Calzaferri
Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Bern, CH-3012 Bern, Switzerland;
Olivier Chauvet
Institut des Matériaux Jean Rouxel (IMN), Nantes, France
Paul Ewart
Department of Physics, Clarendon Laboratory, University of Oxford, U. K.
Christophe Fajolles
CEA Saclay DSM/DRECAM/SCM/LIONS, Gif sur Yvette cedex, France
Emmanuel Flahaut
Centre Interuniversitaire de Recherche et d'Ingénierie des Matériaux
István Fórizs
Institute for Geochemical Research, Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Budapest, Hungary
Yasuhiko Fujii
Research Laboratory for Nuclear Reactors, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
Stanislaw K. Hoffmann
Insitute of Molecular Physics Polish Academy of Sciences, Warshow, Poland
A. Kassiba
Laboratoire de Physique de l’Etat Condensé- UMR CNRS 6087 F-72085 Le Mans cedex 9/ France
José M. Kenny
Materials Science and Technology, University of Perugia, Italy
Rainer Kimmich
Universitaet Ulm, Sektion Kernresonanzspektroskopie, Ulm, Germany
Sorin Melinte
Université catholique de Louvain, Lab. DICE, Louvain-la-Neuve,Belgium
Narcyz Pislewski
Institute of Molecular Physics, PAS, Poznan, Poland
Emil Roduner
University of Stuttgart Institut für Physikalische Chemie Pfaffenwaldring 55 70569 Stuttgart / Germany
Masami Shimizu
Isotope Science Laboratory, 1198 Ishiki, Hayama, Kanagawa-Ken, Japan 240-0111
Olivier Stephan
Université Joseph Fourier, Laboratoire de Spectrométrie Physique, Grenoble, France
Kenji Takeshita
Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan
Pietro Traldi
Research Executive, National Council of Research, CNR, ISTM Corso Stati Uniti 4 I35127 Padova, Italy
Grazyna Zakrzewska-Trznadel
Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology, Warsaw, Poland
Károly Vékéy
Institute for Chemical Research of the Hungarian Academy of Science, Budapest, Hungary
Miklós Zrínyi
Department of Physical Chemistry and Materials Science, Laboratory of Soft Matters, Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Budapest, Hungary

A. Pamula, INCDTIM Cluj