Conference topics

In the frame of the T2 topic, two satelite workshops will be held:

Oral presentation and poster sessions will be organised

THE CONFERENCE WILL TAKE PLACE AT NAPOCA HOTEL (Octavian Goga str. no. 1) as follows (preliminary time schedule):

Thursday, September 20, 2007
Place: Napoca Hotel
Conference hall "A"
8 30 - 8 45Opening of the 5th PIM Conference
Invited lectures
Chairman: Narcyz Pislewski
845 - 915 Pietro Traldi el al, "On the photochemical oxidation of benzene and its relevance at environmental level"
915 - 945 Karoly Vekey, "Theoretical modeling of mass spectrometric reactions"
945 - 1015 Paul Ewart, "Optical diagnostics of molecules with single-mode and multi-mode lasers"
1015 - 1045 Detlef Brinkmann, "NMR in solid ionics and nanoionics"
1045 - 1115 Coffee break
Chairman: Detlef Brinkmann
1115 - 1145 Abdelhadi Kassiba et al, "Physical properties and functionality of silicon carbide nanoparticles as isolated objects or structured in hybrid nanocomposites"
1145 - 1215 Stanislaw K. Hoffmann, "Local modes and phonons around paramagnetic defects in solids"
1255 - 1245 Narcyz Pislewski, "Clasical and quantum rotation observed in small molecular group by NMR"
1245 - 1315 Gion Calzaferri, "Mimicking the antenna system of green plants"
1315 - 1500 Lunch break
Conference hall "A"
T3 topic
Chairman: Karoly Vekey
Conference hall "B"
T4 topic
Chairman: Christophe Fajolles
1500 - 1515 P. Balas: "Advanced analysis techniques in the study of nanomaterials" 1500 - 1515 Octavian Popescu et al: "Cloning and expression of bacterial genes coding amino acid dehydrogenases (oxidoreductases)"
1515 - 1530 Ioan Bratu et al: "Solid state interactions of a new synthesized antimicrobian with b-cyclodextrin" 1515 - 1530 Zaharie Moldovan et al: "Determination of removal rate of the pharmaceuticals and personal care products (PPCOs) in wastewater treatment plant from Cluj-Napoca"
1530 - 1545 Monica Culea et al: "Comparative spectroscopic methods for rapid diagnosis" 1530 - 1545 Constantin Cosma et al: "Charcoal–TLD combined method used for radon monitoring"
1545 - 1600 Constantin Bele et al: "Comparative Analysis of Biogenic Amines and Free Amino Acids in Romanian Cheeses" 1545 - 1600 Vasile V. Morariu et al: "Autoregressive description of biological phenomena"
1600 - 1615 Vasile Francisc Dulf et al: "Comparative studies on fatty acids' and sterols' GC-FID fingerprint of four edible, functional oils processed in Romania" 1600 - 1615 Octavian Popescu: "Glyconectin to glyconectin recognition as an adhesion self-assembly pathway leading to multicellularity"
1615 - 1630 Adela Pintea et al: "Chromatographic analysis of lipophilic compounds in Nigella Sativa L. seeds " 1615 - 1630 Camelia Grosan et al: "Lignin degradation catalysed by polyoxometalates"
1630 - 1645 Nicolae Palibroda et al: "EI mass spectrometry investigation of 13C and 15N labelling of cyanobacteria neurotoxins anatoxin-a and homoanatoxin-a " 1630 - 1645 Mircea Giurgiu et al: "Characterization of Surface Water Quality by Acquisition of Environmental Data from Distributed Sensors "
1645 - 1715 Coffee break
1715 - 1915 Poster session topics T3 & T4
2000 - Cocktail
Friday, September 21, 2007
Place: Napoca Hotel
Conference hall "A"
Invited lectures
Chairman: Damian Axente
845 - 915 Ysushiko Fujii et al, "Isotope effects in electron exchange reactions of lanthanide and actinide elements including chemical uranium enrichment"
915 - 945 Kenji Takeshita, "Separation of trivalent minor actinides from lanthanides by thermosinsitive gels introducing functional ligand"
945 - 1015 Masami Shimizu, "Simplified calculation method of deuterium separation factor between hydrogen and water (αH/D) depending on D-atom fraction of liquid water"
1015 - 1045 Grazyna Zakrzewska-Trznadel, "Analysis of cascade systems for oxygen isotopes separation"
1045 - 1115 Coffee break
Conference hall "A"
Chairman: Kenji Takeshita
1115 - 1145 Ana-Voica Bojar et al, "Environmental and tectonic record in the dinosaur bearing Maastrichtian deposits, Hateg Basin, Romania: insights from mineralogy and stable isotopes"
1145 - 1215 István Fórizs, "Isotopic characteristics of non-marine mollusk shells: decoding "paleo" information"
1255 - 1245 Mino Caira, "Structural elucidation of chemically modified cyclodextrins and their inclusion complexes for medicinal applications"
1245 - 1315 Christophe Fajolles, "Recent developments in Amphiphilic Cyclodextrines: towards membrane funtionalization"
1315 - 1500 Lunch break
Conference hall "A"
T1 topic
Chairman: István Fórizs
Conference hall "B"
T2 topic
Chairman: Emil Roduner
1500 - 1515 Damian Axente: "Use of nuclear energy for hydrogen production" 1500 - 1515 Dan Chicea: "Results of Coherent Light Scattering Dynamics on Magnetic Fluids Computer Simulation"
1515 - 1530 Eva-Henrietta Dulf et al: "Operational Models of the Cryogenic Distillation Column for (13C) Isotope" 1515 - 1530 Radu Robert Piticescu et al: "High pressure synthesis of nanostructured materials for spintronics: state of the art and future prospects"
1530 - 1545 Maria Chiriac et al: "The Biosyntheses of L-amino acids Isotopically Labelled with 15N." 1530 - 1545 Sorin Melinte et al: "Liquid crystal-based hybrid organic-inorganic devices"
1545 - 1600 Maria Mihet et al: "H/D isotopic exchange for evaluation of hydrogen spillover in gold supported catalysts" 1545 - 1600 Simion Astilean et al: "Nanoparticles and Nanostructures to Enhance Vibrational and Fluorescence Spectroscopy"
1600 - 1615 Ilie Hodor: "A novel procedure of hydrogen isotope separation based on chemical exchange and selective permeable membrane" 1600 - 1615 Dan Lupu et al: "Interface phenomena in carbon nanotube synthesis on MgO supported catalysts "
1615 - 1630 Paula Raica et al: "Modeling and steady state analysis of 15N separation by chemical exchange ion nitrox system" 1615 - 1630 Simion Simon et al.: "27Al MAS-NMR investigation of yttrium aluminosilicate glasses containing gadolinium"
1630 - 1645 Gabriela Balas et al: "The study of the local sources of CO2 using stable isotopes" 1630 - 1645 Traian Zaharescu et al: "Nanostructured isotactic polypropylene-TiO2 systems"
    1645 - 1700 Lidia Pop et al: "Magnetic properties of some bismuthated glasses with rare-earth ions"
1700 - 1730 Coffee break
1730 - 1930 Poster session topics T1 & T2
2030 - Conference dinner
Saturday, September 22, 2007
Place: Napoca Hotel
Conference hall "C"
Invited lectures
Chairman: Rainer Kimmich
845 - 915 Miklós Zrínyi, "Magnetic- and electric field responsive soft materials"
915 - 945 Emil Roduner et al, "Nanoscale Resolution Proton Conductivity Measurements of Fuel Cell Membranes"
945 - 1015 Olivier Chauvet et al, "Elaboration, characterization and properties of carbon nanotubes / biopolymers hybrid nanocomposites and nanocomplex"
1015 - 1045 M. Jose Kenny , "Reserved subject"
1045 - 1115 Coffee break
Conference hall "C"
Chairman: S.K.Hoffmann
1115 - 1145 Emmanuel Flahaut, "Hybrid Nanotubes: synthesis and characterisation"
1145 - 1215 Rainer Kimmich et al, "Deuteron and proton spin-lattice relaxation dispersion of polymer melts: intra-segment, intra-chain, and inter-chain contributions"
1215 - 1245 Closing PIM-2007
1245 - 1430 Lunch break
1500 - Social program
Place: Napoca Hotel, conference hall "C"
Thursday, September 20, 2007
Chairman: Eugen Culea
1500 - 1515 Voicu V. Grecu et al.: "Ferromagnetic resonance of magnetic nanoparticles, size and surface effects"
1515 - 1530 S. Constantinescu: "Static disorder in Ca-Ga-Ge trigonal and tetragonal structures investigated by Mossbauer technique"
1530 - 1545 S Constantinescu et al.: "119Sn Mossbauer spectroscopy on the nanoscaled system xSnO2(1-x)α-Fe2O3"
1545 - 1600 Nicoleta Maria Grecu et al.: "Ferromagnetic resonance on thin magnetic layers"
1600 - 1615 Ligia Frunza et al.: "Water behaviour in restrictive geometry: its role in understanding the catalysis and sensors"
1615 - 1630 Ligia Frunza et al.: "Local order in the surface layer: on the glassy state of some thermotropic liquid crystals confined to nanopores"
1630 - 1645 Adriana Popa: "CO nanowires:structural and magnetic properties"
1645 - 1700 M. Popescu et al.: "Nanostructural disorder in hydrogenated amorphous silicon-a simulation study."
1700 - 1730 Coffee break
Chairman: Voicu V. Grecu
1730 - 1745 A. M. Voiculescu et al.: "Spectroscopic characteristics of partially disordered crystals LGS and LGT doped with Eu3+."
1745 - 1800 C. N. Marin et al.: "Characteristic times of relaxation peaks of magnetic fluids."
1800 - 1815 E. Culea: "Nanostructured phases in oxide containing rare earth ions."
1815 - 1830 C. Ghica et al.: "Revealing nanoscale structural ordering by TEM/HRTEM. Application on PMN-PT relaxor ferroelectric."
1830 - 1845 P. C. Fannin: "Reserved subject."
Friday, September 21, 2007
Chairman: Rodica Turcu & Olivier Chauvet
1500 - 1515 Jiri Pfleger et al.: "pi-Conjugated polymer composites containing nanoparticles with plasmonic effects. "
1515 - 1530 Jacek Ulanski et al.: "Molecularly doped polymers for blue-emitting OLEDs."
1530 - 1545 Jurgen Liebscher et al.: "Functionalisation of nano-scaled lipid-double layered species."
1545 - 1600 Ladislau Vekas et al.: "Specially tailored magnetic nanoparticles and magnetic nanofluids: towards novel hybrid nanocomposites"
1600 - 1615 Nicolae Aldea et al.: "Crystalline and electronic structure of the nanostructured Fe3O4 polypyrrole core-shell composites determined by XRD, XAS and XPS"
1615 - 1630 Ovidiu Pana et al.: "Core-shell magnetic nanoparticles with noble metals and polymeric composites"
1630 - 1645 Turcu Rodica et al.: "Comparative study of hybrid nanostructures polymer-magnetic nanoparticles"
1645 - 1700 Magdalena Lidia Ciurea et al.: "Polypyrrole-porous silicon nanocomposites."
1700 - 1730 Coffee break
1730 - 1745 Alexandrina Nan et al.: "New strategies for development of functionalized polypyrroles."
1745 - 1800 Izabell Craciunescu et al.: "Electrochemical studies of different functionalized polypyroole"

To obtain more details about the poster sessions,

Scientific committee

Prof. Dr. Engn. Marius Peculea - Academia Romana
Dr. Teodor Ionescu Bujor - IFA Bucharest
Prof. Dr. Voicu Grecu - Univ.Bucharest
Prof. Dr. Simion Astilean - UBB Cluj Napoca
Prof. Dr. Onuc Cozar - UBB Cluj Napoca
Prof. Dr. Constantin Cosma - UBB Cluj Napoca
Prof. Dr. Eugen Culea - UT Cluj Napoca
Dr. Ing. Valer Almasan - INCDTIM Cluj Napoca
Dr. Maria Chiriac - INCDTIM Cluj Napoca
Dr. Stela Cuna - INCDTIM Cluj Napoca
Dr. Victor Feurdean - INCDTIM Cluj Napoca
Dr. Ilie Hodor - INCDTIM Cluj Napoca
Dr. Emil Indrea - INCDTIM Cluj Napoca
Dr. Damaschin Ioanoviciu - INCDTIM Cluj Napoca
Dr. Ing. Martin Kaucsar - INCDTIM Cluj Napoca
Dr. Dan Lupu - INCDTIM Cluj Napoca
Dr. Zaharia Moldovan - INCDTIM Cluj Napoca
Dr. Vasile V. Morariu - INCDTIM Cluj Napoca
Dr. Nicolae Palibroda - INCDTIM Cluj Napoca
Dr. Elisabeth Popovici - ICRR Cluj Napoca
Dr. Valer Tosa - INCDTIM Cluj Napoca
Dr. Rodica Turcu - INCDTIM Cluj Napoca
Dr. Gheorghe Vasaru - INCDTIM Cluj Napoca

A. Pamula, INCDTIM Cluj