Instructions for the authors

  • An invited lecture is planed for 45 minutes (about 40 minutes the lecture, 5 minutes comments and discussions)
  • An oral presentation is planed for 30 minute (about 25 minutes the presentation, 5 minutes comments and discussions)
  • Poster sizes are: whidth=140 cm.; height=90 cm. They should be displayed all the day long, not only during the poster session.

Editing the abstracts:

The booklet format will be "B5" the written surface of the page 13 x 20 cm. The abstract should not exceed one page in length. Please use a MS-WORD2000 (or higher) compatible word processor. Use English Language. The following guidances are rquired for the abstract booklet:

Page setup:

A4; portrait; Top 4.8 cm; Bottom 4.8 cm; Left 4 cm; Right 4 cm. Header: 4.1 cm; Footer: 4.5 cm

The abstract:

  • Fonts: Times New Roman
  • font size 11
  • justify full


  • As concise as possible, all capitals, centered.
  • Leave an empty row after the title.


  • Bold fonts, centered.
  • If there are more than one author, with different affiliations, they have to be numbered, in concordance with the corresponding addresses, with Arabic figures.
  • The name of the main author will be underlined.
  • Leave an empty row after the authors.


  • Italic fonts.
  • Justify left, 2 cm indent both sides (left - right).
  • When necessary, add the numbers with arabic figures.
  • Leave an empty row after the addresses.

The references:

  • References will be numered with arabic figures.
  • Font size 10.
  • Author(s) names with extended spacing fonts.
  • The title of the article will be written with italic fonts.
  • Follow, separated by comma, the editing location, year, pages

Figures and equations should be avoided.

If this is absolutely impossible they will be inserted in text.

  • The quality should be as high as possible.
  • Under each illustration, the explanation of the figure will be added
  • Font size 10.

Save the abstract as "name.doc" file ("name" meaning the name of the main author).

A. Pamula, INCDTIM Cluj