Micro-symposium - Celebrating half a century of Magnetic Resonance in Romania
In Memoriam Professor IOAN URSU

Event organized by the magnetic resonance (EPR, NMR) community in Cluj-Napoca and honored by the presence of prestigious personalities in this field throughout Romania, close collaborators and friends.

We are pleased to have among us also younger researchers who continue to apply magnetic resonance as their main investigation tool. The symposium, chaired by Dr. Liviu Giurgiu, is primarily intended to revive the charm of the early days of magnetic resonance in Cluj-Napoca and Bucharest, and to emphasize the pioneering contributions of Professor Ioan Ursu to the development of this field in the both academic centers.

The legacy of Prof. Ursu work in magnetic resonance is seen nowadays in the many other research groups established since then throughout the country, such as Iași and Timișoara. Therefore, this event will also be a discussion forum for sharing recent results of ongoing research in all these centers, as well as for identifying new directions for future collaborations.

The symposium will be held on Friday, September 24, starting with 8:00 am, with the following tentative programme:
9:00 - 13:30 - Plenary lectures
13:30 - 14:30 - Lunch break
14:30 - All in one: scientific networking & social program (scientific contributions can be also prepared as posters)

Scientific presentations are encouraged to be given in English, otherwise for all other types of contributions, the presentation language is Romanian.

Speakers Programme

ioan ursu
1928 - 2007

Academician Ioan URSU was one of the most important physicists in Romania. Born on April 5, 1928, in Mănăstireni, Cluj, he graduated the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics of the "Victor Babeș" University of Cluj, in 1950. He obtained the title of doctor in physics in Cluj, in 1956, with the thesis entitled "Magneto-Mechanical Phenomena in Oxygen" under the direction of acad. Horia HULUBEI and prof. V. Marian. Four years later, in 1960, he completed a specialization abroad at Princeton University, USA, under the direction of Prof. J. Turkevich. He went through all the stages of a teaching career, from assistant professor to university professor.

Ioan Ursu founded and developed the Magnetic Resonance Laboratory in Cluj, was the first dean of the Faculty of Physics (1962-1965), vice-rector of the "Babeș-Bolyai" University (1961-1968), director of IFA Bucharest (1968- 1976), chairman of the State Committee for Nuclear Energy (1969-1976), vice-chairman of the Governing Council of the Vienna International Atomic Energy Agency (1972-1973), member of the Executive Board and chairman of the European Physical Society (1976- 1978), president of the Balkan Union of Physics (1986-1990), member of several European and American scientific societies. He published numerous scientific papers and specialized books in the country and abroad, among them: La résonance paramagnétique électonique (Ed. Dunod, Paris, 1968), Magnetic resonance in uranium compounds (Ed. Academiei, Bucharest, 1979), Physics and Technology of Nuclear Materials (Ed. Pergamon Press Ltd., London, 1985).

Ioan Ursu also distinguished himself by his kindness and affection towards those around him, by the effort to understand and appreciate them as they are, to value their qualities and desire for better, getting involved with passion and dedication in solving all problems.