Satellite Workshop in the frame of PIM 2019
Cluj-Napoca, September 24, 2019

Emerging molecular technologies based on micro and nano-structured systems with biomedical applications

The satellite workshop in the frame of PIM 2019 international conference is dedicated to the mid-term meeting of the partners of the PN-III-P1-1.2-PCCDI-2017-0010 complex project consortium

The workshop's purpose is to provide the framework for the second meeting of the partners involved in the consortium. The specific objectives of the project can be summarized as follows:
i) Manufacturing and testing of surfaces with antimicrobial properties obtained by micro- and nano-fabrication techniques and functionalized with antimicrobial peptides;
ii) Development of molecular targeting drug systems by encapsulation in supramolecular structures of the dendrimeric type;
iii) Carrying out, calibrating and testing a complex diagnostic equipment based on the principles of coherent optics and dedicated to obtaining high-resolution images in medicine and material science;
iv) Development of new technologies for the detection and analysis of molecular biomarkers;
v) Development of the technological potential of phycobiliproteins for the production of photosensitive materials with applications in new solar cells and new immunological sensors.

Micro-symposium in the frame of PIM 2019, Cluj-Napoca, Semptember 26, 2019
New Trends in Alternative Energies

The micro-symposium "New Trends in Alternative Energies" is based on the 3th Joint Workshop of the bilateral cooperation between INCDTIM, Romania and Green Energy Institute (GEI), South Korea. Our bilateral cooperation started in 2017. The collaboration subject is focused on Research, Development and Innovation on Green Energy. The micro-symposium topic is related to applications on green energy conversion to electricity and related technical aspects.