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Wednesday ( 23.09.2009 )

1700-2000 Arrival and Registration
1900-2100 Welcome Cocktail

Thursday ( 24.09.2009 )

830-900 Registration, Welcome Address
Plenary Lecture
André Devaux
Manipulation of energy transfer processes in nanochannels
Plenary Lecture
Peter Zavodszky
Physical aspects of protein function: flexibility, dynamics, recognition and signal transduction
1030-1100 Coffee Break
Plenary Lecture
Mino R Caira
Diversity of crystal packing arrangements in cyclodextrins and their inclusion complexes
Oral Presentation
Simina-Virginia Dreve
Chitosan-based delivery systems for diclofenac delivery: preparation and characterization
Oral Presentation
Ioan Bratu
Spectroscopic investigation of the interaction between ß-cyclodextrin and ascorbic acid
Oral Presentaion
Cristian Morari
Ab initio study of DNA nucleotides sandwiched between Au(111) electrodes
Oral Presentation
Zaharie Moldovan
Structural elucidation of organic contaminants by chemical ionization mass spectrometry
1305-1500 Lunch
Plenary Lecture
Jérôme Charmet
Liquids as templates for next generation micro devices
Plenary Lecture
Sorin Stanescu
ORBITRAP - a new face of mass spectrometry
1630-1700 Coffee break
Plenary Lecture
Herbert Keppner
General aspects of solid on liquid growth mechanisms
Oral Presentation
Dan Lupu
The effect of solution/free volume ratio on the MOF-5 characteristics
Oral Presentation
Mihaela Lazar
Preparation and characterization of nickel based multicomponent catalysts
Round table
Jérôme Charmet and Herbert Keppner
Informal Discussion on FP7 EU Projects
1830-2000 Poster Session

Friday ( 25.09.2009 )

Plenary Lecture
Emil Roduner
Evaluation of an electrochemical method of hydrogen storage
Plenary Lecture
Zoltan Neda
Non-trivial synchronizations.a statistical physics approach
1030-1100 Coffee break
Plenary Lecture
Carlo Altucci
Single attosecond pulse generation by few and multi-cycle lasers
Oral Presentation
Raffaele Velotta
Interactions of ultrashort laser pulses with DNA and proteins
Oral Presentation
Tonia M Di Palma
Mass spectrometry of toluene clusters using a laser produced plasma for tunable single photon ionization
Oral Presentation
Antonio Borghese
Optical soundings of cars' exhaust and urban atmosphere with laser-plasma light and open-path spectrophotometry
Oral Presentation
Gabriel Popeneciu
Investigation on a three-stage hydrogen thermal compressor based on metal hydrides
1305-1500 Lunch
Plenary Lecture
Sorin Melinte
Structural engineering of three-dimensional functional polyaniline nanostructures
Plenary Lecture
Wilhelm Kappel
Exchange interaction hardened nanocomposites based on Nd2Fe14Bα-Fe
1630-1700 Coffee break
Plenary Lecture
Peter Hoefer
Advances of Magnetic Resonance in material science
Oral Presentation
Nicoleta Tosa
Infrared and UV-Vis spectroscopic study of 3,7,10-substituted-phenothiazine derivatives adsorbed on gold nanoparticles
Oral Presentation
Ioan Turcu
Quasi-ballistic light scattering - analytical models versus Monte Carlo simulations
Oral Presentation
Maria Mihet
Mobility of hydrogen species on Ni supported catalysts
1845-2000 Poster Session
2015 - ... Banquet

Saturday ( 26.09.2009 )

Plenary Lecture
Vekas Ladislau
Magnetic particles and controllable magnetic fluids. Composition, characteristic dimensions and properties
Plenary Lecture
Jürgen Liebscher
New ionic liquids as innovative reaction media
1030-1100 Coffee break
Oral Presentation
Alexandrina Nan
Surface initiated ring-opening polymerization of lactones on iron oxide nanoparticles
Oral Presentation
Sebastian Karsten
Synthesis of new pyrrole-containing biomolecules as building blocks for functionalized polypyrroles in nanobiotechnology
Oral Presentation
Izabell Craciunescu
Synthesis, characterization and drug delivery application of the temperature responsive pNIPA hydrogel
1200-1215 Closing Conference
1215-1330 Lunch
1400- ... Trip to Nicula Monastery


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Please remember that the maximum size of the poster is 80 cm x 120 cm in Portrait format. Posters must be on display between 8:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. of the corresponding day. A map showing the poster location is available at the Conference Venue. Poster presenters are responsible for mounting and for removing their posters after each session.

Poster session I
Thursday (24.09.2009)

T1 - Molecular and Biomolecular Systems

T1-01 Adrian Pirnau:
NMR Spectroscopic characterization of ß-cyclodextrin inclusion complex with vanillin
T1-02 Ruben Nechifor:
Nuclear magnetic resonance studies of liquids morphology inside partially saturated porous media
T1-03 Attila Bende:
Molecular modeling of the weakly bounded dimers of some phenothiazine derivatives
T1-04 Gheorghe Borodi:
Inclusion compound of vitamin B6 in ß-CD. Physico-chemical and structural investigations
T1-06 Felicia Dragan:
Determination of cobalt in human biological liquids from electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry
T1-07 Xenia Filip:
Structural investigation of Lisinopril by powder X-ray diffraction and solid-state NMR
T1-08 Calin Gabriel Floare:
Analysis of the secondary structure of a protein's N-terminal
T1-09 Luiza Buimaga-Iarinca:
Short range correlation of the erythrocyte membrane fluctuations
T1-10 Irina Kacso:
Inclusion compound of vitamin B13 in ß-cyclodextrin. Structural investigations
T1-12 Bogdan Mircea:
1H NMR investigation of self-association of vanillin in aqueous solution
T1-13 Mihaela Mic:
Assessment of molecular interaction in a cycluron-cyclodextrin inclusion complex
T1-14 Stefan Popescu:
The Human Cybernetic System (HCS)
T1-15 Stela Pruneanu:
Preparation of 1D nanostructures based on biomolecules
T1-16 Emanoil Surducan:
Dielectric properties of Zea mays kernels . studies for microwave power processing applications
T1-18 Vasile Surducan:
The effect of coloured light on Ipomoea purpurea growth
T1-19 Tania Ristoiu:
Atomic force microscopy study of nanocrystalline ceria thin films
T1-21 Milohum Mikesokpo Dzagli:
Study of the interaction between CdSe/ZnS quantum dots and BSA protein by fluorescence spectroscopy
T1-23 Monica Potara:
Biofunctional nanocomposites based on chitosan and gold nanoparticles as effective substrates for Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy (SERS)
T1-24 Sanda Boca:
Uptake and biological effects of gold nanoparticles on chinese hamster ovary cells
T1-25 Maria-Loredana Soran:
The extraction and chromatographic determination of the essentials oils from Ocimum basilicum L. by different techniques
T1-27 Lee Trollope:
Inclusion of trans-resveratrol in cyclodextrins: a solution NMR and X-ray study
T1-29 Cristina-Mihaela Gruian:
High-field cw EPR study on colicin A
T1-30 Emilia Vanea:
Protein functionalisation of iron containing aluminosilicate compounds investigated by FTIR and XPS

T2 - Modern techniques and technologies

T2-01 Nicolae Birlea:
The skin's electrical asymmetry
T2-02 Cornel Cuna:
Ion mobility analyzer . quadrupole mass spectrometer system design
T2-04 Claudiu Filip:
Increasing the accuracy of structural investigations by MAS spin-echo solid-state NMR experiments
T2-05 Andreea-Maria Iordache:
Characterization of some extracts for therapeutic use by GC/MS
T2-06 Katalin Kovacs:
Tracing quantum trajectories of electrons in interaction with arbitrary-shape laser pulses
T2-07 Violeta Niculescu:
Synthesis and spectral characterisation of a new metal complex with a bidentate ligand
T2-08 Stefan Popescu
The tandem method to pilot the dual process: scanning mass versus acquisition mass signal, for linear mass spectrometers and other linear mass analysers
T2-09 Stefan Popescu:
New technology for development the chromatography and isotope separation components
T2-10 Stefan Popescu:
High voltage, variable frequency generator for a ionic source based on corona effect in mass spectrometry
T2-11 Florin Toadere:
study about illumination and colors vision
T2-14 Dana Toloman:
Raman and EPR studies of calcium-phosphate glasses doped with manganese ions
T2-15 Carmen Tripon:
New solid-state methods for investigating molecular structure: the CHCC approach
T2-16 Cristian Tudoran:
Simplified portable 4 MHz RF plasma demonstration unit
T2-17 Cezara Voica:
Method validation for determination of heavy metals in wine and slightly alcoholic beverages by ICP-MS
T2-18 Dorin Dadarlat:
On the sensitivity of FPPE . TWRC method in thermal effusivity investigations of solids
T2-24 Bogdan Oprea:
XPS study of atomic environments in non-crystalline bismuth-borates
T2-26 Szabolcs Horváth:
The Unexpected Synchronization

Poster session II
Friday (25.09.2009)

T3 - Environmental molecular processes

T3-01 Olivian Marincas:
The improvement of removal effects on organic pollutants in Wastewater Treatment Plants (WWTP)
T3-02 Ioana Glajar:
Photodegradation of the indoor organic pollutants by UV irradiation using TiO2 catalysts
T3-05 Valer Tosa:
Numerical method to solve impurities. migration in water pipes
T3-06 Florina-Dorina Tusa:
Identification and measurement of pesticide contaminants in food products by electron impact GC/MS
T3-07 Nicoleta Vornicu:
Non-destructive analysis in a study of the religious art objects
T3-08 Diana Costinel:
Stable oxigen and hydrogen isotopes measurement by CF-IRMS with applications in hydrology studies
T3-09 Silvia Neamtu:
Zero magnetic field influence on Tagetes sp. and Calendula L. growth. Morfological and ultrastructural changes

T4 - Hydrogen and renewable sources of energy

T4-01 Stelian Pintea:
Temperature influence on the global and local structure of the chromia supported nickel catalysts
T4-02 Ovidiu-Nicolae Ardelean:
Hydrogen storage in PrNiIn and related alloys
T4-03 Petru Ardelean:
A photoelectrochemical cell for the study of the photosensitive materials used in solar-hydrogen energy
T4-04 Sorina Garabagiu:
Gold nanoparticles bind to porphyrins. A potential dye-sensitized solar cell
T4-05 Gabriela Blanita:
The effect of solution/free volume ratio on the MOF-5 characteristics
T4-08 Ioan Dorian Coldea:
Metal hydrides reactors with improved dynamic characteristics for a fast cycling hydrogen compressor
T4-09 Danut Teofil Silipas:
TiO2 - based systems for photoelectrochemical generation of solar hydrogen
T4-13 Felicia Vasut:
Experimental studies about the hydrogen isotopes storage on ZrNi alloy

T5 - Nanostructured materials and nanocomposites

T5-01 Nicolae Aldea:
Local structure information by EXAFS analysis using two algorithms for Fourier transform calculation
T5-02 Alexandru Biris:
Synthesis of carbon nanotubes from acetylene on the FeCoMgO catalytic system obtained by ball milling
T5-04 Eugen Culea:
FTIR spectroscopic study of some lead germanate glasses
T5-05 Eugen Culea:
Structural and physical characteristics of xGd2O3(100-x)[Bi2O3 B2O3] glasses
T5-06 Adriana Dehelean:
Magnetic studies of TeO2-Fe2O3 glass systems obtained by the sol-gel method
T5-07 Adriana Dehelean:
Magnetic behaviour of europium ions in some tellurite glasses obtained by the sol-gel method
T5-09 Emil Indrea: Structural characterisation of binary SiO2/TiO2 nanoparticle aerogels by X ray scattering
T5-14 Petru Pascuta:
Preparation and structural characterization of some Fe2O3-B2O3-ZnO glasses and glass ceramics
T5-15 Adriana Popa:
Ferromagnetic resonance measurements on Co nanowires
T5-16 Oana Raita:
EPR investigations of Sn1-xFexO2 nanopowders
T5-17 Vasile Rednic:
X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and magnetism of AlDyNi, AlDyNi4 and AlDy3Ni8 compounds
T5-18 Rodica Turcu:
Smart composites based on magnetic nanoparticles and responsive polymers
T5-19 Marcela-Corina Rosu:
A spectroscopic study of dyes decomposition by irradiated nanocrystalline TiO2
T5-20 Ramona-Crina Suciu:
TiO2 thin films prepared by sol-gel method
T5-21 Simona Rada:
Immobilization of gadolinium in borate-tellurate glasses
T5-22 Simona Rada:
The local structure of gadolinium-borate-tellurate vitroceramics investigated by FTIR and EPR spectroscopy
T5-24 Stefania Simon:
Dispersion of carbon nanotubes by single-stranded DNA wrapping for advanced biomedical applications
T5-26 Ovidiu Pana:
Synthesis and characterization of LSMO nanoparticles covered with Au having a core-shell structure
T5-27 François Kossi Guedje:
Finite-Difference Time-Domain (FDTD) simulations of the Local Surface Plasmon Resonance (LSPR) and Surface-Enhancement Raman Scattering (SERS) of different size and shape gold nanoparticles (GNPs)
T5-28 Mircea Giloan:
Designing photonic crystal cavities from core-shell nano-sized elements using a genetic algorithm
T5-29 Cezara Voica:
Ceramics with decorative aspect
T5-30 Dumitru Georgescu:
Size effects in porous TiO2 nanostructures
T5-32 D Trandafir:
Structure investigation of sol-gel sprayed SiO2-GeO2 materials
T5-33 Monica Tamasan:
FTIR and XRD investigations of sol-gel bioglasses for bone reconstruction
T5-37 Felicia Iacomi:
Structural and resonance magnetic studies on polycondensation polymers containing titanocene

I. Szabo, INCDTIM Cluj